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The Brief Introduction of Chaohu City


      Chaohu,a beautiful city,situated in the middle of Anhui Province,embracing the Chaohu Lake, on the riverside of the Changjiang River and near the sea, is the hinterland of the Provincial Golden Triangle Zone.

     The whole city consisting of four counties and a district,has an area of 9423 k.The bank of the Changjiang River within the boundaries of the city is 182 kilometres, called Golden District”,surrounded by large and medium-sized cities. Its western part is close to Hefei, provincial capital, and its eastern part borders on Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. Chaohu City stands opposite Wuhu and Maanshan in distance,separated by the Changjiang River.Several railways and highway pass through the city. Hefei-Wuhu Express way and Hefei-Jiujiang Railway pass through its boundaries. And you can use fast and convenient international and domestic telegram and telax here.

     Chaohu has a wonderful sight and many natural landscapes. When the weather is glorious you may look far away at the wide expanse of 800 Li misty Chaohu Lake,the water and the sky merging in one color. Tortoise Mountain lies in ambush on the shore of the lake,Mushan Hill stands upright in the center of the lake. Wenfeng Pagoda is reflected upside down in a great expense of blue water.

The tall and erect white peonies of thousand years growing  on the high sheer precipices and over hanging rocks in front of celestiat Being Cave of Yinpin Mountain are called exotic flowers inn the world.Good products from the earth are nature’s treasures. The birth of heroes brings glory to the place. Chaohu is a land of fish and rice well-knows far and near; there is no mountain here without being considered as beautifulas brocade;there is no water here without producing jadeite; there is no land here without producing gold and silver. Chaohu is rich in mineral resources and occupies an important place in iron,sulphur,alim and various kinds of limestone in Eastern China. The prefecture has promising and charming prespective in exploition of oil gas. Chaohu Lake is vast or extensive,covering 800 spuare kilometers. The water and the sky merge in one color. There are hills,pagodas and temples in the lake. The mountains are bright and water is fair,with a wonderful sight. Bantang,Xiangquan and Tangchi’s hot springs are effective to get rid of diseases and to improve people’s health,honoured as ‘The Ninth Heaven or Paradise’ for recuperation and tour. The Forest Parks on the Mountains of Taihu,,Jilung and Yefu are elegant,deep and serene,just like fairyland with towering old trees and fresh green bamboos.

     There are many historic sites here such as Zhao Guan,Merorial Temple of Xiang Yu the Conqueror,Caocao Humble Room,Chinese Ink Pool,Baochan Hill etc, which attract bunches of Chinese and foreign tourists. Here in Chaohu were born several famous people with lofty ideals,such as Ding Ruchang,Feng Yuxiang ,Zhang Zhizhong,Li Kenong,Dai Anlan,Lin Sanzhi and others who did credit to their hometown and added color to its scenery.

     Now Chaohu is advancing towards the world. She warmly welcomes people and friends from all over the world to invest ,to make a tour or go sight-seeing here. Chaohu people are supplying you with high-quality service,good conditions and polices on favourable terms.



  Address: Yucai Xincun, 1 Bantang Road, Chaohu, Anhui. P.R. China.

  Post code: 238000

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